Leveraged token simulation model

This web-app provides an interface to run simulations to assess the performance of different leveraged tokens on the Terra blockchain.

Further detail on the model and defintions of the parameters and metrics.

Model parameters

Underlying token to consider:

General parameters:

Trading parameters:

Debt parameters:

Periodic rebalancing parameters:

Emergency rebalancing parameters:

Summary Results

Additional results

Data download

Model results

The results section provided data aggregated at a daily timestep. The raw model results (provided at an hourly timestep) can be downloaded as a csv file below.

Underlying data

The underlying data used for historical simulations was obtained through analysis of Terra blockchain data provided by Flipside Crypto. The data will update daily, and contain all available data from 2020-11-13 up until three days prior to today. The data can be accessed directly from the following API endpoints:

Price data selection

The model can be run using either historical price data sourced from Flipside Crypto, or a user defined dataset. Please note that the model also relies on historical Terra Swap pool balances, and these will remain unaltered when providing custom data.

  • To use historical data, leave all settings unchanged
  • To use custom data, select "custom data" on the checkbox below and upload your own csv file. Data must be a .csv or .xlsx file and in the same format as shown in the table to the right.

Upload custom data

Toggle between historical or uploaded data

Download selected data as CSV

Selected data